Q: How many pieces do I need to mail to get a postage discount?

A:    With even one piece, by commingling with other mail Postal Express can often get postage rate discounts.

        However, if you want to get even deeper discounts the following quantities apply:

        At Standard Class postage rates 200+ is needed. 

        At First-Class postage rates 500+ is needed.

Q: Can I do part of my own mailing?

A:    Wherever you are in your project or whatever you can do in house Postal Express can help with the rest. However, Postal Express can often get even greater savings for you by doing the job start to finish.

Q: What types of mail can Postal Express help with?

A:    Postal Express can handle any piece that you may want to mail.

                 Some common pieces are: Letters, Postcards, Flats, Parcels, and Certified as well.

Q: What if I already have a USPS mailing permit?

A:    As a qualified mailing agent Postal Express can mail on your permit or our own. Postal Express can even mail for qualified Non-Profit orginizations getting even better rates.

Q: Do I really need a meter machine?

A:    Unless you are running over 20,000 pieces a month chances are it is not worth owning or leasing a meter machine! Postal Express can pick up mail and meter it on our machines, we even ofer daily pickups. There is also the chance of putting a permit on your piece and saving even more.

Q: My mail contains personal or secure information, how does Postal Express work with sensitive data?

A:    At Postal Express we treat all of our clients information as sensitive and secure. Check out our privacy policy or come check our offices out to see what else we do to keep your information safe.

Q: Can I really save money by not doing all the work?

A:    Not only do you save a lot of time and frustration, but money as well by having Postal Express do the work. Often the cost of our services plus postage cost less than what clients paid for postage alone before using Postal Express.

Q: What's the processing time at Postal Express?

A:    Here at Postal Express we strive to do every job quickly, yet maintain the best quality possible. Although there are many variables to when your job might be done, we do strive to get most mailing jobs done within a couple days.

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